Welcome to the Living My Someday Media Kit and Disclosure page! I am so glad you're here because it means you're interested in working with LMS. 

What I Can Do For Your Brand

First and foremost, this is a partnership, so the lines of communication will be firmly open and mutual trust is expected. My skills in both written and video content creation allow me to express myself more creatively. Often, I like to blend both high-quality photos and promotional film in order to reach an even wider audience, especially for sponsored content. I also know how to work on a deadline; in fact, I prefer to deliver the final product early, giving you plenty of time to review. My rate will always include social media amplification, shared several times throughout the day to ensure maximum exposure. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I can add value by humanizing your brand through storytelling.  

About LMS Readers

If you are looking to promote your product to an audience who passionately embraces their children, their health, and simple living, then Living My Someday is the right fit for your brand! While they prefer to save their money, they do so not to hoard, but to ensure their resources are invested in things that truly matter: family travel/quality time, nutritious food, and overall enjoyment of life. Like me, when they find a product they love, they're loyal for the long haul.  

For questions on rates, sponsorships, ambassadorships, or other opportunities, email me at dara@livingmysomeday.com

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