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Undaunted and Unbroken.

Undaunted and Unbroken.

It is Friday evening, which means I just barely made it in time for Five-Minute Friday, but as Celie says, "Dear God, I'm here!" After an especially hectic week, I'm grateful to have this peaceful, introspective time to sit with a glass of wine—while instrumentals softly play (Pandora's Film Scores Radio makes even the most mundane acts more bearable!) in the background—and see what my mind comes up with for the prompt break.


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As I pondered today's prompt, the quote above kept floating to the forefront of my thoughts. Currently, I am living the truth of this statement in a way I've never done before. Looking back just a few short months ago and knowing where I was emotionally and spiritually, I can see and feel the immense growth.

I am in the hardest season of my life, but it has not broken me; in fact, it has lit a fire in my belly that burns with focus and intensity. With my loving partner by my side and our children in tow, I am finally stepping into the role I was meant to play: Conqueror. 

After years of floundering, treading water, second-guessing my intuition, it took this cataclysmic upheaval to shake me out of my coddled stupor. 

Never again will I make comfort my default. 

Never again will I resist the hard-won wisdom I possess. 

Never again will I sacrifice myself in order to soothe the guilt of others.

Here I am, undaunted and unbroken. 

This Weekend...

This Weekend...

Wordless Wednesday: Dino Death Match

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