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10 Uncommonly-Perfect Gifts for Gals!

10 Uncommonly-Perfect Gifts for Gals!

Welcome back to Living My Someday, peeps! I'm so excited to be partnering with Uncommon Goods to bring you this extra-special shopping guide for gals! I've been a fan of the company for quite some time, and have not only included them in my other gift guides, but also given items from their site to loved ones (like this mug, for example). As someone who takes shopping seriously, I'm always on the lookout for presents that fit the recipient, but aren't something they would purchase for themselves. In addition to an unparalleled selection of curated items, Uncommon Goods supports its employees by paying a living wage and providing healthcare, while also offering customers gifts that are sustainable so as not to exploit our precious environment. In short, it's a company with which I am proud to support and be affiliated. 

After perusing Uncommon Goods' extensive selection of gift ideas for ladies here and here, I tackled the rather difficult task of narrowing the field to just 10. I mean, there's a lot of women in the world! Some of us love something shiny, like handmade jewelry, while others would be happier with a piece of art. In the end, I took a little of everything, because frankly, I'd be happy with any of the items in this guide! There's wide range of interests and price ranges feature below. I'd also like to encourage you to shop Uncommon Goods' site for even more great ideas for the important women in your life!

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As you can see, I have eclectic tastes! The (#1) Sky Umbrella, for example, illustrates my need for whimsy as well as my desire to look on the bright side of life. Even when it rains, it's always good to remember sunny skies are on the way. Next, the (#2) Love Will Find A Way Personalized Art was particularly heartwarming because it reminded me of when I first started dating my husband. At the time, we lived in two different states, which made sustaining a relationship hard, but we persevered; 12 years later, here we are, still reaping the rewards. Come to think of it, this would make a wonderful anniversary gift! *makes mental note*

Like many women before me, I have been transformed by motherhood. The (#3) Mother Nestling Birds Necklace jumped out at me because I often—lovingly—refer to my three children as ducklings. I already carry them in my heart, so why not around my neck? 

As for the (#4) Sac a Plat, well, I'm someone who shows her love for others through food. I was immediately drawn to this item because it helps preserve presentation. They say folks eat with their eyes first, right, so this item would save me a lot of stress and heartache. I just want everything to be perfect (I know it's impossible, and yet, that's never stopped me from trying), especially when it's a heartfelt gift. Likewise, I gravitated toward the (#9) Cheese & Crackers Serving Board. We do charcuterie platters fairly often around here, but keeping the crackers orderly has always been an issue (for me, anyway. My husband has a knack for presentation.). This beautiful board makes it easy to get it right. Bonus points for being in the shape of an ampersand.

We recently embraced a more simple approach to living, which means we let go of just about everything that didn't serve us. And since downsizing into a smaller place, space is at a premium. However, I make an exception when it comes to having fresh flowers in our home. For $5 (or less!), they lend life and beauty to our home. This (#5) Bedside Smartphone Vase is perfect because it pulls double duty as a showcase for beautiful flowers and a place to store my phone.  

I have been an avid reader since I was six or seven, and even now, at 33, there are books I adore so much that I'd like to crawl inside and surround myself with them. These (#6) Literary Scarves are the next best thing. Plus, having just moved from Phoenix to Denver, I am badly in need of cold-weather clothing! 

I mentioned above that I have a flair for whimsy. I tend to zag when people think I'll zig. Enter this (#7) Upcycled T-Shirt Lampshade Kit and its heady combination of quirkiness and fun! Talk about a conversation-starter! My husband are actually in the market for a new lamp and shade, so perhaps this gem will end up in our home... Anyway, in addition to my weirdness, I have a bit of a macabre streak. I love horror movies and darkness and melancholy, which is one of the reasons the (#8) Anatomical Heart Pendant caught my eye. Love is wonderful and light, but can also be maddening and heavy. No more cheesy red hearts, here. Just the real deal, in all its complicated glory.

Our relocation to Colorado has given us so much to be grateful for (and we've only been here for a couple months!), but it has also inspired a deep and profound case of bike envy! Unfortunately, we don't have room to store four bikes and a trailer, but I believe we can make room for this (#10) personalized piece of bike art in the meantime.

See anything you like? Shopping for something specific? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated; however, all thoughts are 100% my own and I stand by them. 

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