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Thanks For The Memories, Austin!

Thanks For The Memories, Austin!

This past weekend was spent in Austin, Texas. We're currently in Phoenix, but are looking to relocate in the very near future (God willing!). Austin wasn't even on our radar until a few months ago. We kept hearing such amazing things about the place, and after researching a bit online and talking with folks, we felt compelled to see for ourselves if this maybe-sorta-kinda might be our new home. Making the trip in the heat of August wasn't planned, but it was the only time my husband could take off from work, so we went for it. Honestly, coming from Phoenix, where temperatures spend most of the year in the 100s, we figured we could handle anything Texas threw at us (and we were right).

In short, what we found is that Austin is pretty wonderful, but ultimately not for us (Rejoice, Austinites!) because it doesn't fit our current phase of life. A decade ago, before kids and a growing list of responsibilities, we could've lived in a tiny, affordable apartment and partaken of everything the city is known for: concerts, nightlife, restaurants, etc. Likewise, several years down the road, when the kids are older and we're more financially established, Austin would serve us quite well.

Still, there were things about the city that we absolutely loved! It's so incredibly green and lush, y'all. It's literally covered in a dense canopy of thick, beautiful trees. Zilker Park is sight to see, too. There's so much to do in one place! Take a dip in Barton Springs, stand-up paddleboard on town lake, grab a sno-cone and take a scenic ride around the park on the Zilker Zephyr, or examine the local flora and fauna at the Botanical Garden. The possibilities are virtually limitless. There were so many families out and about, enjoying the weather and being active together. I saw a family literally running together; adults, kids, a li'l one in the jogging stroller being pushed by an older sibling. I'll never forget that incredible image.

All that exercise can make ya hungry, which is probably one of the reasons why the food is so good! For example, breakfast tacos are a big deal in Austin, so we knew we couldn't leave without trying some. There's an overwhelming number of recommendations about who has the best ones, so we simply stopped at the place that nearest to us; thankfully, it was Taco Xpress. I had the migas (a delicious mish-mash of green chilies, cheese, corn tortillas, tomatoes, and eggs) plate. My husband had a couple tacos, one with chorizo, potato, egg, and cheese, and the other with eggs, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Everything was not only tasty, but filling enough to keep us satisfied until lunchtime.

The next day, thanks to a recommendation by Austin Monthly, we ate at Walton's Fancy and Staple, where I had the pleasure of inhaling their shrimp and grits. It tasted every bit as good as the picture suggests. I sampled some of hubby's biscuits and gravy, and it was pretty great, too.

We didn't have a chance to really indulge in the barbecue scene, unfortunately, but we ordered some killer ancho chile hot wings from room service at Barton Creek Resort & Spa. They definitely hit the spot after a full day of sight-seeing and house-hunting.

While we won't be Texans any time soon, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Austin. The city is impressive and I completely understand why so many are proud to call it "Home".

If you'd like to see more pictures from our trip, check out my YouTube video!

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