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The Tent.

The Tent.

Hubby and I had a beautiful "Date Night In" in this tent. The pic doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea. 

It's been a rough few weeks. I won't get into the specifics, but there's been so much thrown at our family in a rather condensed amount of time. Some days, it was like fighting against the tide; one wave would crash, and then another would be looming on the heels of the first.

It was exhausting and disheartening.

However, this weekend, we had a breakthrough. I cannot even convey how necessary it was, but that's kinda how the good Lord works. He's never early, but His timing is impeccable. On Friday night, the four of us--Baby Joy turned in early--hung out in a tent in our back yard. A bag of obscenely large marshmallows, a (small) makeshift bonfire for roasting the aforementioned confections, and a laptop playing the latest adventures of Captain America.

I felt like the richest woman in the world. My heart was so damn full as I snuggled next to my husband and giggled at our silly, beautiful boys, so excited to be "camping" with Mom and Dad.

The next evening, my husband surprised me by turning the tent into a beautiful, grown-up oasis. He strung lights, prepared a platter of assorted cheeses, meats, and dried fruits, and had two bottles of white wine chilling on ice.

And he did it all for me.

After over a decade together, he still enjoys finding ways to make me smile. It was just what I (we) needed. Lately, I had been feeling like a failure, that I'd managed to do nothing but age over the course of the last decade. So much floundering and so little to show for it. Things simply hadn't gone as smoothly as I had hoped.

As I looked around that tent, I finally recognized the fullness of this blessing. I married a wonderful man and together, we built a family, a strong one, and a life that is still evolving.

That is priceless.

The money may--or may not--come, but the truth is, I am already wealthier than I ever thought I'd be.

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