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Funny Conversations: The Sausage McMuffin

It was a lovely Sunday morning and we wanted to go for a hike in order to enjoy the day as a family. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything to eat at home, so we decided to grab a couple McMuffins from McDonalds. I am lactose-intolerant, so I order mine without cheese, which is generally no problem...

Husband, talking to drive-thru speaker: Yeah, I'll have one Egg McMuffin and one Sausage McMuffin with no cheese.

McDonalds employee: Okay, sir, that'll be ____ at the first window.

We pull around, pay, and proceed to the second window to pick up our order. As we pull out of the parking lot, I start handing out the sandwiches. I open the wrapping to find my McMuffin is missing cheese...and egg.

Husband: Do you want to go back?

Me, grumpily: YES! It's bad enough I can't have cheese, but no egg? C'mon!

We double back to find there's a line. (Somewhat) Patiently, we wait our turn and attempt to talk to the drive-thru speaker. Again.

Husband to speaker: We ordered a Sausage McMuffin with no cheese, but we got one without egg. We'd like to exchange it for the correct order.

Speaker, after a long pause: So... you want to order another McMuffin, sir?

Husband, hesitating: Yes, sort of. We just want what we ordered. Like I said, the sandwich we received was missing the egg.

Speaker, after an even longer pause: Um...could you just pull around?

We drove around, explained the situation (again), and showed the employee our receipt. After profusely apologizing, the employee assured us the order would be corrected at the second window.

Me, pulling open the bag: Who knew one little change could mess everything...up.

Husband: What? What's wrong?

Incredulously, I show him the muffin sans egg. Again.

Husband: Seriously?! Unbelievable.

Me: Let's try this again.

We pull into the drive thru again, this time skipping the intercom system and the first window, instead making a beeline for the second window. The sheepish employee begins to explain that she handed us the wrong bag, apologizing again as we make the swap for the "right" sandwich.

At this point, I'm not sure why we didn't just stay there at the window, just in case there was yet another mix-up; I truly believe we thought we were in the clear. I mean, there's no way they could mess up an order this simple again, right?

Me, removing the sandwich from the bag: This feels awful thin, babe....

Husband: No way. There's just no way....

Me, showing him yet another muffin with sausage only: Yahtzee.

Husband, eyes pleading: I'll do anything you want, but please don't make me go back through that drive-thru!

Me: Just park and I'll go in.

I walk in and make my way to the counter.

Me: I just ordered a Sausage McMuffin with no cheese and I keep getting one without egg.

Bewildered employee from the second window: I'm so sorry, ma'am! I was just so confused! I mean, like, people don't order it like that. It was weird. I dunno what happened...

Clearly flustered, she looked around for support from her fellow co-workers. They all nodded in agreement. At this point I realized what I was dealing with. I patiently waited for my order and left as quickly as possible.

My soul died a little that day.

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