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At the Polish Festival

At the Polish Festival

Folks, we attended our first Polish festival, this past weekend. (Note: Previously, I didn't even know we had a Polish festival in Phoenix!) We had a blast, and afterward? We felt positively cultured. :)

First, can we just talk about the food? Dearest Father in heaven, the food was sooo delicious! I didn't know I could eat that much kropniok, ya know what I'm sayin'? What with all the sausage they were pounding, I think my children may have gotten a little cabbage, too (a miracle, in and of itself.) Everything tasted freshly made. If it wasn't, they faked it incredibly well.

So, the food was a huge hit, obviously, but has anyone seen that iPhone message? I'd never seen it before. Figures it would happen after I gave the phone to my two year-old. They're mysterious beings, aren't they?

After we'd thoroughly stuffed ourselves, we walked around a bit and let the kids blow off a little steam in the bouncy house.

Then, we ventured inside to cool off and get a bit more insight into Polish culture. If I had to describe the exhibit in one word, it would be "taxidermy" because I've yet to see more stuffed animals in one place.

Before heading out, we caught some traditional Polish music and dancing (and, uh, took some desserts to go--don't judge us!).

Polish swag. I came THISCLOSE to buying one.


Delightfully Feminine Dresses

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum + Mesa Arts Center + Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum + Mesa Arts Center + Arizona Museum of Natural History