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The Importance of Sending Mail.

The Importance of Sending Mail.

Man, this post is so surreal! One of the first things I did this morning was peruse Kate Motaung's site to find today's prompt for Five-Minute Friday. Upon discovering that it was "send", I immediately logged off as my mind went blank.

Send...send? What the heck do I do with that? All I can think about it mail. What's exciting or interesting or insightful about mail?

Frustrated, I busied myself with everything but sitting down with this word. Of course, it loomed above me, taunting me, knowing I had absolutely nothing of value to share. *


This is SO accurate!

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I was determined, however, and once an opportunity presented itself, I forced my butt into a chair, logged back onto my computer, and promptly realized that "mail" was the answer. See, I love mail. I love picking out whimsical stationery and accompanying stickers and/or labels. I adore stamps, both rubber and self-adhesive. The acts of composing the contents of a letter or card in my best handwriting, sealing it in an envelope, and popping into the mail slot make me giddy. Further, the time and effort taken are how I show that I care for the recipient.

Having been alive before computers and the internet were ubiquitous, I cherished the privilege of hand-written correspondence. It filled me with so much joy! Awhile back, though, I stopped doing this thing I loved so much. With the advent--and efficiency--of email, there didn't seem like much point to it. More honestly, I quit writing because my peers didn't "get it". So, like many adolescents, I sacrificed something I enjoyed to the finicky gatekeepers of Cool.

Recently, I've been taking stock of myself and unpacking the baggage of my life. Sifting through the years has allowed me to separate my authentic self from the person I pretended to be. Now that I'm older, I'm free to shed light on the things I hid and embrace what makes me different. Before I started writing this post, I had no idea that something as simple as "the mail" would be a reflection of this journey, but it feels darn good, nonetheless.

How awesome is this bundle of stationery by A Beautiful Mess?!

It's part of their Happy Mail monthly subscription service, which sends you groovy new stationery every month. If this isn't confirmation that I'm on the right track, I don't know what is...

{Image via A Beautiful Mess}

One Word 2015 || Healing.

One Word 2015 || Healing.

I Noticed.

I Noticed.