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Teach Your Children Well.

Asher and Ike, November 2010

Photo by Kristin Hayward of kbh photography

I wasn't present for this conversation, but this is how it was relayed to me.


It was around dinner time and we were having leftovers. My youngest, Isaac, is five months old and was exceptionally cranky due to teething. I can't remember if I wasn't hungry or if I'd already eaten, but at any rate, I wasn't in the room. My husband was attempting to quickly choke down his meal, so he could address the baby's discomfort. Still, he was frustrated and at the end of his rope. Thus, the following exchange occured:

Husband: Ike, you stop it! You stop crying right now! 
Asher, our three year-old, stops playing and walks over to my husband: Daddy, don't yell at Ike. He's just a baby. It's not his fault.
Husband, taken aback: You're right, Asher. I'm sorry.

When my husband told me this story, he was beaming with pride. Our oldest son is only three years-old, but understood the difference between right and wrong. It didn't matter that his daddy was the one that made the mistake; he still spoke up in his brother's defense. Knowing my husband, I'm pretty sure he wasn't in the baby's face, screaming like a drill sergeant; rather, he was probably just venting his frustration. Nevertheless, Asher was determined to set him straight. Also, we're just so pleased that he loves Isaac enough to speak on his behalf. That brotherly love is an answer to our prayers. It reassures us that God is in control and that we're on the right track.

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