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Baby's Super Tips to Zap Eczema!

Baby's Super Tips to Zap Eczema!

Isn't this graphic fun?! I had a blast playing around with the Comic Heroes Theme on PicMonkey. It's a nice alternative if you don't know how to use Photoshop. 

Happy Friday, folks! Give yourselves a high-five for making it through yet another week! I don't know about you, but this season has been pretty intense. While I'm excited for the upcoming holidays, I'm a bit flustered by how quickly my calendar is filling up!

Seeing as how the weather is cooling down--or is already pretty cold, depending on where you live--it seemed like the perfect time to share a few tips on caring for and protecting delicate baby skin. A little over a month ago, my husband and I noticed a few reddened areas on our daughter's skin. We discussed it with our pediatrician, who thought it appeared to be eczema, but because the blemishes were minor, couldn't be certain.  We weren't worried, but we did keep a watchful eye on how Joy's skin reacted to various stimuli (new foods, fabrics, and environments).

While on vacation this past summer, we made the mistake of using a different detergent and our daughter immediately developed an angry rash all over her chest, back, and along her jawline. Our oldest son had eczema when he was a baby (he's since outgrown it), so we weren't unfamiliar with it. With him, we applied Aquaphor multiple times a day, paying special attention to his "hot spots": the crook of both elbows and behind both knees. We tried the same approach with Joy and it worsened her condition! To the internet we went, where we found the National Eczema Association's list of approved moisturizers, cleansers, and other products, and used that as a jumping-off point.

Now that we've been using the items below for awhile, I can confidently say that they're incredibly effective at protecting Joy's skin and controlling her flare-ups. If you're looking for ways to battle eczema, I hope they work for you, too!

1. California Baby Eczema Cream

This stuff is pricey, but it works! So far, Target has the lowest price at $29.50, but it couldn't hurt to shop around. After the first application, we could feel the difference in Joy's skin; after a week or so, it was completely clear.

2. Vaseline for Baby

To maintain and protect Joy's skin, we apply a thin layer of eczema cream followed by another layer of Vaseline to seal in moisture. This is most effective after bath time, but we'll do it on non-bathing days, too.

3. Shea Moisture Fragrance-Free Gluten Free Baby Wash & Shampoo

First, let me say that I adore Shea Moisture's entire line of baby products! Everything smells so doggone good and is made with wonderful ingredients. Unfortunately, the scented items proved to be too harsh for my girl, so we switched to this formula for sensitive skin. It works well and doesn't irritate her skin. Win-win!

4. up & up Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Moment of truth: I was one of those people who thought "baby laundry detergent" was a scam. Really and truly! So of course, I would give birth to a kid whose skin is too sensitive for regular ol' Tide. *sigh* This stuff is cost-effective and gets her clothes clean without making her break out in a full-body rash. God bless it.

So, that's it for my tips (so far)! I'm nursing, so I'm definitely watching what I eat and how that may affect Joy. At this point, I haven't found anything that is cause for concern, so we'll just keep on using the products above. If you have any tips, though, I'd love to hear 'em!

Have a blessed weekend!

Leave All of that Nasty Garbage

Leave All of that Nasty Garbage

The Tent.

The Tent.