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Simple Living Update + Inspirational Blog Post Roundup!

Simple Living Update + Inspirational Blog Post Roundup!

Hi Friends!

So, I know I said in my 9 Summer Goals post that I'd only be blogging once per week? Yeah, well, I guess that's starting next week because this right here is #2 and I've got another brewing for Friday! How weird is that?! I swear, if I said I'd blog every day, creating one post would be like pulling teeth. Ah, well, such is life for an introvert who has trouble making decisions and sticking to them.

Anyway, lately, I've been thinking about this concept of saving and how difficult it really is to consistently choose to save, rather than spend. I mean, just about everywhere we look, someone, somewhere is asking us to part with our hard-earned money, and oftentimes, we would love nothing more than to oblige! I'm fairly thrifty, but the pull to buy has gripped me more than a few times over the course of the last week, especially with the bright, colorful summer merchandise that is front and center at all of my favorite stores. And yet, every time, I have to (internally) remind myself of our very important goals—continued debt-free living, travel, homeownership, college funds, retirement—and how controlling the day-to-day spending is paramount to achieving those goals. It's not easy, but it is necessary, AND it's working, which is the all the more reason to keep on moving in the right direction! If you need help with that, read this post on why tracking daily expenses is important and download the free spending worksheet while you're at it. It's the same template we use and I just adore it! 

When choosing a more frugal lifestyle, it can feel a bit alienating from the rest of the world. Maybe it's just perception, but it can definitely seem lonely when practically everyone is swimming with the current of consumerism, and you aren't. Last year, we made some rather drastic cuts to our spending and it took some getting used to; now, with almost a year of simplicity under our belts, we're thriving! I discuss more of that in the video below. In it, I share our commitment to supporting the environment, what's been working for us, as well as the challenges we still wrestle with. And, hey, if you have any tips, I'd love to hear 'em!

Because this way of life can seem so far removed from what we're shown most of the time, I wanted to create a roundup of some of the best, most thoughtful posts on frugality, simple living, staying true to oneself, and choosing experiences over things. Whether you are starting life over like us, fighting your way out of debt, saving for a specific goal, or simply enjoy being thrifty, I hope you find inspiration here. Solidarity! 

Goodbye, Fake Friends via The Minimalists

Change, as it turns out, is not only difficult for those it directly affects, but the people around them. Often, as a result of a shakeup (like walking away from the safe choice and embracing your dreams), folks we thought were friends are suddenly revealed to be "friends". This is especially painful if you never saw it coming. Still, as this wonderfully-poignant post by The Minimalists illustrates, finding "people who care about me for me, not for what’s printed on my business card" is an integral part of true happiness and contentment. 

P.S. The risk paid off! After launching a wildly successful website, book and podcast, the men behind The Minimalists recently completed their first documentary on minimalism which is currently in theaters. 

Back To School Clothes Shopping With Kids via 4 Hats And Frugal

It's no secret that kids are expensive, especially when it comes to clothing them! This post provides doable, practical tips for saving money on back-to-school shopping (a particularly pricey time of year!), while also keeping in mind that we want our children to feel comfortable and look stylish, too. 

56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money via And Then We Saved

I know you may be wondering what to do with yourself should you choose not to spend money. Well, here's a list of 56 ways to industriously pass the time!  

36 Hours In Rome via The Jungalow

I realize this may be a bit of an odd, but I wanted to include it because Rome is beautiful and also travel is one of the reasons why we are choosing to save! Living the frugal life isn't about denying ourself any and all forms of pleasure, but rather thoughtfully choosing where to put the resources we work so hard to attain. Posts like this motivate me to put in the work every day. 

Upcycled Chik-Fil-A Salad + New Travel Journal For Kids via Joy In The Ordinary

In the same vein as the Frugal Girl, Latonya Moore of Joy In The Ordinary chose to reuse her salad container in order to make it a travel bucket for her daughter! With a little paint, washi tape, stickers, and mod podge, something that would've been tossed into a landfill has been transformed into a cute receptacle for imaginative play. How creative!

4 Games From Back In The Day To Play With Your Kids via Mama Knows It All

I'm all for anything that tears us away from our screens in favor of spending quality time together, and this post by Brandi Jeter definitely fits the bill! Show the youngin's how you used to pass the time with these simple, yet engaging games. 

HUGE List of Free & Fun Things To With Kids in Denver via Living My Someday

And lastly, I must toot my own horn because I created this rather epic post of over 70 FREE (or close to it!) activities to do with the kids in Denver this summer! It took a lot of time, but I'm so glad I compiled it because it fits so nicely into our philosophy as family, and motivates us to get off the couch and explore this beautiful city. Check it out and download the free, pre-filled calendar—you'll be set for the entire summer! 

Aaand that concludes this week's roundup of fabulously inspirational simple living blog posts, y'all! I hope you found some encouragement in at least one of 'em. The truth is, there's more than one way to make the most of this life and each of us has the power to create an existence that promotes peace, joy, and contentment. 

What does your vision look like? I'd love to hear in the comments below! 

Choosing to live simply can feel a bit lonely, sometimes, so I created this roundup of thoughtful posts to encourage and empower. Read it and be inspired!
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