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Happy Friday (or late Thursday, depending on when you're reading this), y'all! Fought tooth and nail to get through this week, and by the grace of God, I made it! Initially, my plan was to completely flake out on this Five-Minute Friday post, but when I saw that the prompt was rise, my spirit wouldn't let me ignore it. If you'd like to get more info about this link-up, head here!


When I think of the act of rising, I immediately picture a balloon. It's unpredictable, airy, and dances on the air around it, allowing itself to go with the flow of the current. As someone who is rather controlling tightly wound and bogged down by, well, everything, I take particular delight in buoyant things like bubbles, rubber duckies, and, yes, balloons. Their near-weightlessness is what allows them to be free.

After over three decades on this planet, I'm finally making a definitive leap towards this weightlessness, shedding just about all the heaviness I used to stumble around with. Honestly, it feels weird, wrong even, but I'm doing it anyway because, quite simply, the alternative is a slow, soul-crushing death. (Dramatic? Yes. Accurate? Also, yes.) We were becoming dangerously comfortable with complacency, and it was robbing us of everything we aspired to be.

On paper, the last six months make zero sense. The upheaval was brutal, drastic, and swift. And, thanks to the pushback we've received from those closest to us as we attempted to push through, things are all the more...difficult. The thing is, this vision, this momentous world-altering goal we're about to attain, is for us and only us. There's a reason why the others weren't meant to see it:

it's not for them to see, thus rendering their opinions on the subject irrelevant and unfounded.

As evidenced by this beautiful verse from Isaiah, thought and tender care have been put into the direction of our future. He cares for me, my precious husband, and our priceless babies. At times it may feel as though we are sinking, but there is a very important plan in place, one that has existed for quite some time, in fact. He's always been here with us, waiting for us to step out and trust Him with—quite literally!— everything we hold dear.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for our dreams to come true, we will rise and pursue them.

two young black boys

The boys at the Musical Instrument Museum, one of our favorite places to go!

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