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Return of The Best of the Web!

Hi Gang!

Awhile back, I started sharing

my favorite websites and various funny things

I came across on this wacky thing we call the internet. Because I'm chronically disorganized AND

got knocked up

, I let these enjoyable posts languish.

Now that I've given birth for the third and final time--hallelujah!--I'm resurrecting this feature. Thanks to the hilarious folks I

follow on Twitter

, I've been made aware of countless wells of comedy gold, and it seemed a crime not to share 'em! Below, you'll find a smattering of the people, places, and things that have made me smile in the last few weeks. I hope it brightens your Monday morning!

1. Lafayette's stellar dance moves

Despite its hit-or-miss track record, I've stayed true to

True Blood

. One reason I haven't jumped

ship is the character of Lafayette (played by the inimitable Nelsan Ellis). In addition to providing razor-sharp social commentary, comedic relief, and dramatic depth, the man can


, you hear me?! Get into it.

Gif via Elitosphere

2. Shmoney Dance via John H. Norman III

So, despite being ancient, I am in love with the

shmoney dance

. I even engage in it in the comfort of my own bedroom! It's got all the elements of a true dance craze: 1. Easy to do; 2. Works with just about any beat; 3.


. What more could you ask for? There are a number of versions, but the one below is my absolute favorite. (Click to hear the audio.)

3. A New Light Dawning on Vine

Contrary to popular belief, Christians have a sense of humor. Don't believe me? See Exhibits A & B. You're welcome.

4. Drunk History on Comedy Central

Now, I actually enjoyed just about all of my history classes, but there's a great many folks who think the subject is completely boring. Enter

Drunk History

, where inebriated folks regale us with their (surprisingly accurate!) knowledge of historic events while actors reenact the stories, complete with slurred speech, muddled mispronunciations, and boozy burps. Best idea since sliced bread and I


wish I'd thought of it. 

Season 2 of Drunk History

just began July 1st, but you can

watch the entire first season on Hulu Plus

. I suggest you head there immediately.

5. Nap Time: Race Against the Clock (by ME!)

One random afternoon, my husband and I decided to take one of my nutty ideas and turn it into a reality. The end result is this silly video about the frenzied rush to get as much done as possible while Baby is napping. This was incredibly fun to do, so be sure to

subscribe to my Youtube channel

to stay up-to-date!

That concludes this week's selections of hilarity! Can't wait to bring y'all more reasons to smile. :)

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