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One Word 2015 || Healing.

One Word 2015 || Healing.

I'd heard rumblings about "one word", but never really felt the need to investigate further. I have this terrible habit of assuming I won't be interested in things if they're not somehow related to my regular routine and/or the way I see myself. Lately, I've begun slowing down long enough to start paying attention to these knee-jerk assumptions because the fact of the matter is, there are parts of myself I don't know very well (but I'd like to).

Anyway, on a whim, I googled the term and a post made by my cyber friend, Mrs. Tee, popped up! I immediately read her post and knew I'd stumbled onto something I wanted to dive into, waving away unhelpful thoughts of "but, January's more than halfway over!" and "you're way too late!".  I continued searching and found this beautiful post by Cristal Stine via (in)courage about how her word for the year sought her out. Beyond that, I came across the One Word 365 site, which allows folks to connect and encourage others who share the same word. The outpouring of support and hope I felt before I'd even started was enough to spur me on. I knew I'd made the right decision.

The next step was figuring out what my word would be. At this point, I began to sort of unravel.

One word. 

For an entire year.

I can barely decide what to eat on a given day. 

Why am I doing this?! 

After a few deep breaths and several quiet minutes with my journal, I'd found it.


Healing is grace. Healing brings transformation. Healing is acknowledging the occurrence of trauma and lovingly tending to the wound to prevent infection.

I've gotten really good at highlighting my many faults. I can recite them backwards and forwards if need be. There is always something I'm failing at. Some days, I feel like a walking apology; all slumped shoulders, eyes to the floor, heavy heart.

This year, though, I am focusing on allowing Him to mend my being and make me someone altogether new. His healing effectively removes every excuses to operate as I have been for decades.

His healing gives me rest, while also holding me accountable and keeping me committed.

His healing carries within it the promise of better, of transitioning from broken to whole.

Into the Sunrise.

Into the Sunrise.

The Importance of Sending Mail.

The Importance of Sending Mail.