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One Weekend, Two Festivals!

One Weekend, Two Festivals!

Last weekend, we attended not one, but TWO awesome cultural festivals! The weather in Phoenix is absolutely perfect this time of year, so we jump at any opportunity to be outdoors. It was such a pleasure to see folks of all different hues, celebrating traditions that make them uniquely beautiful. Our dream is to travel the world as a family, but in the meantime, we're grateful for the access to various cultures right outside our front door.

On Saturday, we attended the Aloha Festival, one of my favorite events here in AZ. I was too busy stuffing my face with kalua pig, macaroni salad, and spam (yes, spam!) to care. I have video of a few dance numbers, but I haven't uploaded them, yet. Stills do no justice to those hip swivels, my goodness! The strength, flexibility, and control are out of this world.

This dog was so sweet!

The next day, we made our way to the Indian Fair & Market hosted by the Heard Museum (a fantastic destination in its own right). I managed to take a few more pics this time around, thankfully. One thing that stood out to me was the importance of the oral traditions. There were so many wonderful stories behind the dances, the art, and tools. Every action was executed with intention and connected to ancestors. As a lover of history, I appreciate this remembrance of and reverence for those that came before.  

Grinding corn for cornmeal

Hoop dancing is such a joy to watch.

The dancer keeps adding hoops to tell a story. 

Even from the lawn, the time and care put into each garment is obvious.

Fry bread with honey is a simple, delightful treat.

The baskets they're carrying took months to make by hand! 

Scenes From A Front Yard

Scenes From A Front Yard