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Not Me, But We.

Not Me, But We.

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Prompt: Rumi said that a wound is where the light enters you. Discuss this idea and how it applies to a moment in your life.

While I absolutely agree with this sentiment, I couldn't quite zero in one particular moment it applies to. There have been so many instances of this philosophy playing out in my life that I was unable to snatch one from the mass and pick it apart. I just sat at the computer with my chin in my hands, willing myself to find something, anything, to pinpoint and oh-so-eloquently discuss with a lot of big, fancy words.

No dice.

So, as happens often, I asked my husband for help. He suggested I connect this prompt to love, marriage, and the ongoing decision to commit despite the wounds we inevitably inflict on each other. It's true. We've been married for over a decade and have managed to hurt each other on many occasions. Yet, through it all, we've emerged bruised, but better, stronger even. Much of that can be attributed to our shared faith in God, but also the understanding that we are worth the effort. The scars we've earned together serve as a reminder of what we survived and a signal to others that perhaps they can do the same (in their own way). 

My primary motivation for this blog--and the entire concept of Living My Someday as a whole--is to show that, despite the good, bad, and ugly of this life, I'm determined to live it to the full, just as God intended. I want people to see His light shining through my failures and imperfections, as well as the triumphs.  

It's not just about me, but we. 

Eating My Feelings.

Eating My Feelings.

He Is In The Peaks and The Valleys.