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What My Kid Taught Me: Grace.

It's no secret that parenting is hard. Despite taking every single thing I have, I'm still not convinced I'm doing it right.

And yet, sometimes, God gives me a little nudge that says, "

Hey, I see you. I see what you're trying to do, how hard you're working. The moments you've wept from exhaustion, confusion, and regret? I was there. I've got you, Eli, and these precious children. Just keep following Me. I'll take care of the rest.

This morning, as I was walking my son to his kindergarten classroom, I silently observed him as he tossed out a hearty "Good morning!" to just about everyone he saw, adults and kids alike. As we continued on to his classroom, he spoke animatedly about what he was looking forward to doing today and the toys he was hoping to play with, intermittently greeting more children by name.

We made our way to the playground and I leaned down to say goodbye. Before I did, though, my son made sure to say hello to one more child: The boy who'd been mean to him the previous week.

It was grace, in its purest form.

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While I struggled to process the enormity of this gesture, my son hurriedly kissed me goodbye and sprinted toward the playground. I remained where we had parted, my eyes following him until he disappeared into the screaming, laughing crowd.

Just keep following Me. I'll take care of the rest. 

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Thanks For The Memories, Austin!

Thanks For The Memories, Austin!