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My Winter Toolkit: 5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season!

My Winter Toolkit: 5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season!

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Armed with my "secret weapon".

Armed with my "secret weapon".

"Mommy, will you play with us?" Three pairs of eyes stared at me, imploring me to respond positively.

I wanted so badly to say "Yes", but I'd just sat down after a long day of working and my feet were aching. Despite that, I quickly tried to calculate how many times I'd been asked this same question and met it with a tired "Not this time, kiddos. Mama needs to rest/work/cook dinner/etc."

I literally couldn't remember when I'd given them the answer they wanted. There was always about a million other tasks I needed to accomplish in a laughably short amount of time. They didn't know about the to-do lists, nor were they aware of the extra shifts my husband and I had picked up in order to provide a merry Christmas. They didn't see what we went without so all three of them could have what they needed.


And they weren't really supposed to, because they're children, and a childhood comes around once in a lifetime. I wondered about my place in those memories; would I be present or absent? Helping to keep us afloat was and is important, but there has to be a balance of quality time, a commodity that, unlike money, cannot be replaced.

I looked into those pleading eyes, popped a couple of the Motrin IB capsules I'd just grabbed from our latest Target run into my mouth, and said, "How about we go sledding?" As you can probably imagine, cheering ensued.

You know what? We had a blast! Once that Motrin IB kicked in, I was 100% focused on cruising down the snowy hill with my head joyfully thrown back and a big cheesy grin on my face. Turns out, those memories I mentioned earlier aren't just for the kids to cherish, but me, too.

My Winter Toolkit: 5 Ways To #WinOverWinter

Curious about the other items in my Winter Toolkit? Well, wonder no more! In addition to reaching for Motrin IB , here are 5 more tips for keeping yourself—and your family—healthy during cold and flu season:

  • Get Your ZZZs:

Okay, so I know life is busy, especially during the holiday season, but I started this list with sleep for a reason! It plays an essential party in not only your physical wellbeing, but mental health, as well. If you're having trouble falling asleep, consider investigating your surroundings and adjusting your pre-bedtime habits. For example, I found abstaining from alcohol most nights of the week allowed me to sleep more soundly.

  • Drink Lots of Water:

When the weather cools down, I struggle with this one! However, once I started reminding myself to regularly sip water throughout the day, I noticed I felt more energized. Plus, amping up my intake whenever I felt a twinge of cold symptoms helped fight off and flush away the nastiness.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

I absolutely indulge during the holiday season, but I try to balance the treats with nutritious, satisfying (and warming!) foods, too. When I'm short on time, a big pot of soup is a go-to option because it's simple to make and creates leftovers for several meals to come. Bonus: It's hydrating! Related: My Whole30/Paleo Creamy Asparagus Soup

  • Wash Your Hands

My job involves working directly with the public, which means I'm constantly coming into contact with all manner of germs! Washing my hands (and utilizing hand sanitizer if I can't step away) is essential to keeping me well. This step is also an opportunity for kids to learn good habits and participate in keeping the family healthy! It'll definitely serve them well in the years to come.

  • Dress Appropriately For The Season

After over a year of living in Colorado, we've finally learned the importance of this tip, but it wasn't easy coming from Phoenix! These days, we check the weather app every morning (or the night before) and plan as best we can. Denver can change on a dime, but we do our best to layer up in order to keep our bodies warm and dry.

Well, that's it for me, gang, but I'd love to hear how you stay on your feet and get it all done during this busy wintertime, so share below! The next time you're at Target (because we all go there at some point this week, amirite?), grab some Motrin IB from the General Relief aisle.

If you're active on Facebook, "Like" Target on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest sales and deals on other products to keep you going!

#AD Juggling work AND play means I don't have time to get sick. Click through to see how Motrin IB helps me stay on my feet! #WinOverWinter @target

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Goodness Is Always Working

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