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May 2013 In Pictures

May 2013 In Pictures

So, this past week was somewhat odd. It was our first official week of summer vacation--for my kid, anyway--and it seemed like we weren't sure what to do with ourselves. It didn't take long for us to get in the swing of things, however. I could definitely get used to not scrambling around in the morning...

For our son's fifth birthday, last year, he and my husband camped out in the backyard overnight. It was such a hit, that another campout was promised when the weather was better. So, this happened.

Our youngest boy didn't get to sleep in the tent overnight, but he got to hang out, eat snacks, and watch movies (on the laptop) until bedtime. I snapped this photo before heading inside to the air-conditioned comfort of our bed.

 Later that week, we headed to the

Goldfield Ghost Town

 in Apache Junction for a dose of life in the Old West. 

Waiting for the train to take us around Goldfield.

View of the Superstition Mountains from the train. I took this photo with my phone, so it doesn't come close to doing them justice. 

 Afterward, we headed to Gilbert for lunch at

Joe's Farm Grill

. In my ravenous state, I didn't take a picture of the world-class

Ahi Tuna Sandwich

, but this Mocha Chip Shake was a great way to finish a meal.

Poor Isaac made the mistake of frolicking in the grass after we went swimming. The bugs thoroughly enjoyed his tender, toddler flesh.

My Throwback Thursday contribution. I cannot even believe I was a teenager in the pic on the left. Also, why am I suddenly humming "Three Blind Mice"? Hmmm...

I FINALLY found a hat that fits over my big ol' head and these thick locs! I got it from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago, but I'll be living in it for the rest of the summer. 

I don't know about you, but this hit home for me. The last few weeks--and months, really--have been emotionally draining, so this message was right on time.

Now, seeing as I've just watched the latest Game of Thrones (it's a good thing the seasons are only 10 episodes; otherwise, I'd be in the fetal position), I need a stiff drink and some light-hearted Julia Louis-Dreyfus hilarity, courtesy of Veep

Have a blessed week!

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