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Funny Conversations: Life With Boys

Bathroom horror stories, gross, pee, urine, messy boys

Recent musings from the (master) bathroom.


Me, puzzled: Why is the floor wet in here?

Hubs: Huh?

Me, louder: Why is the floor wet in here?!

Hubs, approaching: Where?

Me, examining my moistened feet: Here, by the toilet.

Hubs, thoughtfully: Oh...well, Asher [our four year-old son] was in here last so....

Me, realizing the meaning of his words,


 violins playing in my head: It's




Hubs, suppressing a chuckle: Oh, babe, I'm sorry.

Me, furiously washing feet in bathroom sink: Dear God, did he shake himself like a wet dog or something?!?

Hubs, Swiffer Wet Jet in hand, enters toilet area: Whoa! I don't know....

Me, scrubbing toes, mumbling: I can't


I was

 standing in pee!

It was just


, and I put my


 in it....

You dudes are lucky you're cute....Sweet li'l munchkins. :)

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The 9/11 Post.

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