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Life in Denver: We. Are. HERE!

Life in Denver: We. Are. HERE!

We've officially been Denverites for a little over a month, now, but I must say it feels much longer! I say that because as soon as we got here, we hit the ground running exploring this fabulous city! And Denver, you have not disappointed us. We are in love and you'll never be rid of us!

Brace yourselves for a ridiculous amount of photos. It really couldn't be helped. Moving to Colorado was an answer to so many fervent prayers. I find myself taking pictures in lieu of pinching my arm, y'know? (It seems like a less painful way to keep track of my blessings.) Anyway, because there were SO many photos, I clustered them together in an effort to keep each destination clear and shorten the length of this post. Hope you enjoy!

Denver Greek Festival

As if drinking delicious water straight from the tap wasn't enough (I'm easy to please, what can I say?), we arrived just in time to attend the annual Denver Greek Festival. There was beautiful art to admire, authentic goods to buy, adorable dancing kids to cheer on. All of these things are worth the cost of admission on their own.


The food, the food, the fooooood!

I've eaten my fair share of Greek cuisine, so I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about what constitutes quality Grecian fare. The food we ate at the festival was the best ever. EVER. Gyros, spanakopita, calamari, baklava. It was all so delicious, my husband and I were compelled to ask whether there was a restaurant that was catering the event (preferably, one we could patronize forever and ever). Turns out, the food was prepared with love just for the festival. We were crestfallen, but understood. You can bet we'll be marking our calendars for next year, though.

Things to do in Denver

Denver Botanic Gardens

This is truly a lovely spot! Between the Japanese Garden, the Rose Garden, the Nature of Horses exhibit, and the scripture garden, I gush enough about the place. Plus, right across the street (and included in the price of admission to the Botanic Garden), there's the Mordecai Children's Garden, where kids can dart in and out of caves, uncover dinosaur bones, and take a refreshing wade in Springmelt Stream. 

Things to do in Denver

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

As difficult as it is for me to declare a favorite, those honors have to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We loved it so much we happily plunked down $90 for a family membership! Seeing as how we've already been there three times, it's proven to be a worthy investment. The current exhibit, The Power of Poison, is absolutely fantastic! It tackles the role poison has plays in our world, from deadly plants and animals, to mythology and literature, and science and medicine. It's wildly fascinating and totally worth seeing. And for all you fellow readers out there, the next exhibit is all about Sherlock Holmes! October cannot come quickly enough! 

Life in Denver

Boulder Canyon Trail + Lower Maxwell Falls Trailhead

If you've been hanging around Living My Someday for a while, you already know we love to get outdoors and hike. Well, we finally got out there and enjoyed two wildly different hikes this past week. Boulder Canyon was a nice, easy stroll through a lush forest. It was a wonderful way to get our feet wet. Maxwell Falls, however, inadvertently became our most difficult hike to date! We intended to do the short one-mile trail, but somehow we ended up tackling a three-miler. It was tough, but we made it (by the grace of God). I have a video in the works, so you'll be able to see just how grueling it was for us. Still, hubby and I were so doggone proud of the boys for walking three miles! They were such troopers. 

things to do in Denver

Civic Center EATS

We just happened to stumble onto this epic-ness on our way to the central library (yet another one of our happy places, by the way!). We happily walked over and marveled at the 10-15 food trucks featuring a diverse array of cuisines, parked together smack dab in the middle of picturesque Civic Center Park. As lovers of food, we were instantly smitten, and have since returned twice. If you go, I highly recommend The Buffalo Sabre Burger at Hamburghini, the Taste of Nola at Jessie's Smokin' NOLA, and the Polish Feast at Pierogies Factory. Now, full disclosure, some of these trucks do require 20-30 minutes of prep/cook time--even longer if there's a line--so plan accordingly. Also, this food extravaganza only occurs every Tuesday and Thursday, through October 8th.  

things to do in Denver spring summer

Looking back, we really covered a ton of ground here in Denver, and enjoyed every minute together. Honestly, that's really the most important byproduct of the last month: our little family has grown closer than ever. I look forward to fostering that even more as we adjust to our new home.  

As you embark on the upcoming week, may you be filled with peace, love, joy, and contentment! Have a great day!! Did you have a good weekend? Let me know what you did in the comments below! 

Hiking at Red Rocks Park with Kids

Hiking at Red Rocks Park with Kids

2 Brothers, 3 Birds.

2 Brothers, 3 Birds.