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4 Tips for Dealing With Failure

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Hey All! Welcome back to the BlogHer NaBloPoMo September 2014! After taking a few days off, I'm feel refreshed and ready to resume this writing challenge. I think one of the great things about this endeavor is recognizing when I'm feeling prolific as well as the times when I need to step away, disengage, and give my emotions a rest. This last month has been quite heavy, and as an empath, I've found that taking time for self-care has been mandatory. This time of rejuvenation has given me a fresh perspective and feel much more ready to continue. 


Tell us the methods you use to get through a disappointment.


Let me be the first to say that I do not handle disappointment well. It's a humbling truth to admit, but I believe in honesty, even if it's not pretty. However, at the ripe ol' age of 32, I'm learning that being failure is integral to gaining 

valuable characteristics like

 wisdom, patience, perseverance, and humility. Yes, I want to be a success, but I also understand the importance of a strong foundation. Handling setbacks with grace is paramount to lasting prosperity. Here's what I am slowly, but surely learning to do.

1. Acknowledgement:

I know this seems obvious, but in order for me to be able to move on, I have to allow myself to recognize my feelings and maybe even wallow (a little). It


suck, so pretending otherwise just makes it worse. 

2. Get some distance:

Depending on the severity of the obstacle, it can be nice to busy myself with other aspects of my life. Most often, this results in a cleaning frenzy. When I'm angry, the house magically becomes spotless!

3. Detached analysis:

After I've had a chance to create some space between me and this epic failure, I like to go back and look at things critically. How did I contribute to this outcome and what will I do differently in the future? Is there a way to ensure it won't happen again? Is there a silver lining? Even in my darkest moments, I've been able to find an invaluable lesson if I look hard enough. Often, it's the more painful circumstances that have taught me the most. 

4. Keep going:

I must confess that this is the hardest step for me. I tend to relive my awkward and embarrassing moments, beating myself up over and over. Recently, I came to the realization that I developed this habit in order to allow myself to quit, to scare myself away from trying--and failing--again. Somewhere along the way, I internalized the message that I'm not worthy of my dreams, so my brain sought to fulfill that prophecy. Now,

 I'm learning to fight through that negativity by continually setting goals and surrounding myself with positive people.    

Those are just a few of the ways I combat life's setbacks. How do you handle disappointment? Leave me a comment!

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