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4 Hair Types, 1 Brush: How Goody Clean Radiance Works For Our Multiracial Family!

4 Hair Types, 1 Brush: How Goody Clean Radiance Works For Our Multiracial Family!

goody clean radiance, natural hair, biracial kids, curly hair, interracial families

Hi Friends! Thanks so much for making your way to Living My Someday! I'm super-stoked about today's post because I get to share fun pics of my family and chat a bit about a new favorite product: the Clean Radiance Hairbrush by Goody which can be found at your neighborhood Walmart or Walmart.com

As the mother of three children, I stay pretty busy, and I'm always looking for ways to streamline our day. One of the biggest hiccups is getting everyone ready in the morning, especially during the week. Because we're a multiracial family—my husband is White and I am Black—we have a variety of different hair textures going on (sometimes on the same scalp!) and each head has specific needs. As the world continues to change and people of different backgrounds become families either through marriage, adoption, or other means, I wanted to share our results with the hope that folks will find it  helpful.

I know this is a sponsored post, so most of you will take it with a grain of salt (as you should!), but  this is a killer brush, and I never would have given it a chance had I not been selected to try it. We've been using combs and picks for the kids' hair, but it's nice to know we have more options. In order to further illustrate my findings, I've included before-and-after photos of each family member so that you, dear Reader, can see the Goody Clean Radiance brush in action. So, let's get started, shall we?

First, I wanted to start with my oldest son, Asher, who has a texture that's closer to mine. His hair is thick and tightly coiled, so I almost skipped using the brush on him entirely because I assumed it wouldn't work as well as our trusty pick. I couldn't have been more wrong! When paired with a spritz of detangler, those copper bristles had no trouble gliding through his hair, ensuring little to no product build-up. I was blown away by the results and I learned a valuable lesson about making assumptions. 

Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush, mixed kids, biracial kids, natural hair, curly hair

Next, we have my youngest son, Ike, who is our resident comedian—half the time, I'm not even sure he knows just how funny he is! Anyway, as you can see, he's got curls for days just like Asher, but his are a bit looser and not quite as thick. I generally leave his curls defined, but every now and again, I feel the need to brush them out to create more volume. I love how the brush has created a shiny, healthy sheen, too. He couldn't care less about that fact, but it gives me a boost!

Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush, mixed kids, biracial kids, curly hair, natural hair

Third, is my daughter, Joy, who is a whirlwind! I couldn't persuade her to stand still for the photo, so had to bribe her with a "special" chair and, eventually, the brush itself. (We do what we gotta do to get the shot, am I right, fellow bloggers?) Of the three kids, her hair is the closest to my husband's, which means bigger curls and softer texture. The biggest challenge I have, aside from her being a wiggly one year-old, is that her hair doesn't really know what it wants to be. Like many multiracial children, she's got a couple hair types growing out of her scalp. Most of her head has the longer, softer curls, but there are spots where the coils are tighter and shorter. Because the Goody Clean Radiance brush creates body, it helps bring more uniformity to her overall look. I also love how the highlights in her hair are move visible when the curls are brushed out.

Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush, curly hair, multiracial kids, natural hair, biracial kids, mixed kids

And lastly, I wanted to share pictures of my husband, who uses this brush for his beard! How cool is that?! What began as a goof became a legitimate ritual. The hair on my husband's face is somewhat curly, yet coarse and thick, and I worried that the brush might pull or tug on the delicate facial skin underneath! I needn't have worried. Thanks to the copper bristles and flexible cushion pad, my husband swears it's one of the most relaxing experiences he's ever had. I know it's a bit odd, but with more and more people cultivating longer facial hair, I wanted to include this to highlight the versatility of the brush. Also, if there's someone in your life participating in Movember, this product is great for mustaches, too!

Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush, multiracial families, diversity, natural hair, beards, facial hair

Have I done enough gushing about the Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush? I know it seems over-the-top, but I am genuinely excited to be a part of the #CleanRadiance campaign because this brush is truly beneficial for a wide variety of hair textures. I love products that are inclusive of more than one demographic! Who doesn't want less build-up, more shine, and more comfort*?

And if that isn't enough of a draw for you, a few lucky readers will win epic prizes from Goody! Yep, there's gonna be a giveaway and I would love to see you win, so make your way to this post right here to enter!!

Have a great week!



Results based on consumer usage and perception study 

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