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Goodness Is Always Working

Goodness Is Always Working

As the calendar flips to 2017, I feel the need to reflect on the previous year. It definitely brought its challenges, but the tail-end brought a surprisingly sharp upward tick. 

"God, I...I just really need a win," I stammered, eyes heavenward. 

This was me around November of 2016. It wasn't much of a prayer, but it was the best I could do at the time. Nothing in my life was wrong, exactly, but it wasn't quite right, either. Every task I needed to complete—whether it was at my job or home with the kiddos—felt like a complete grind. I couldn't find my joy, my center, for longer than maybe a day, if I was lucky; otherwise, I felt heavyhearted and spiritually barren. 

Blogging-wise, I was ready to shut it all down and walk away for good. I could barely bring myself to sit down at the computer to pay bills, let alone compose a quality post (complete with well-edited photos, perfect prose, pertinent share buttons, and other links). Nothing seemed good enough, anyway, especially in light of our most recent election. It was all too much and I was too tired to fake the funk.  Frankly, "living my someday" kinda sucked, y'know? How could I hop on here and implore my audience to find the light when my own world looked and felt so dark? 

I couldn't, so I just...didn't. 

A weird thing happened in the midst of this season, though: Blessings began to pop up randomly, oddly, at first, then picking up steam. First, a customer surprised me with a gift card to Whole Foods, one of my favorite stores EVER. When I asked her why, she simply said, "Because you're a mama who works hard." I was floored! I thanked her profusely, but she waved it away and wished me a happy holiday season. 


Next, as a birthday gift to me, our dearest friends offered to watch all three (!!!) of our kids so my husband and I could enjoy a night out on the town, our first date in over two years. It was nothing short of magical; we ate an uninterrupted meal, ice skated hand-in-hand at a local rink, and strolled blissfully around Target, grabbing a few essentials and scoring a great deal on PJs for the kids! (Sidenote: The Cartwheel app is fantastic, y'all! We save on all the stuff we'd be buying anyway and earn points for free merchandise. #NotSponsored #IJustLoveTarget&SavingMoney)

The rest has been almost a blur, if you can believe it. As a belated birthday gift, a florist friend gave me with the most gorgeous arrangement I've ever had. Yet another customer gave me a gift card, this time for REI, a store I adore. Gifts for the kids were unexpectedly marked down. Delicious food was suddenly "on the house". New bikes and helmets were given to every child in my youngest son's class. I was chosen for a paid campaign I applied for months ago (and, subsequently, had forgotten about). A surprisingly generous raise for a job well done. A $10 bill earnestly pressed into my palm along with sincere wishes for a happy New Year. 

I could literally go on, but I don't want to lose y'all, lol! The point is, goodness is always working behind the scenes, even when it doesn't seem like it. I attribute this positive force to God, but it doesn't have to be a religious experience for everyone. The main point I want you to know is it's out there, this desire to bless, and you never know who or what is operating on its behalf. Your circumstances can change so quickly, you may not even recognize it at first. I want to encourage each and every one of you to keep on going, moving forward in your endeavors in 2017. Your breakthrough is on its way.

Happy New Year! 

Cover Photo Attribution: William Bout

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