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Fondue It Up!

If there's three things our family loves, they're cheese, meat, and chocolate. One way to incorporate all three into one meal is fondue.

My husband and were pretty avid fondue-ers before we had kids, but once we procreated, our dipping came to a halt. Suddenly, the heat of the pot and the sharp points of the prongs were no longer a recipe for fun, but one of death or severe maiming.

Now that our boys are six and three, we thought it was safe to give it another shot, all the while keeping a keen eye on possible stabbings or potential burns. Much to our suprise--and relief!--the boys did great and we ended the night thoroughly satisfied. Hooray!

A blend of sharp cheddar, fontina, and gruyere cheeses.

We didn't let him dip, but he was excited, anyway. 

The carrots and broccoli are classic dippables, but the pretzel bread from Trader Joe's was my absolute favorite pairing.

For the meat course, we used a combination of amber ale and beef stock.

Assorted dippers for the chocolate fondue. I enjoyed all of them, but the strawberries and the ladyfingers were amazeballs!

It was a hit, I'd say. :)

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