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I Feel Pretty: Floral Print Dress

Despite the fact that the temperature has already climbed into the triple digits, spring is my favorite season of the year. The reason? Color. I adore the bright bursts that sweep away the gray gloom of winter, and urge us to shed our heavy layers, head outside, and enjoy the earth's natural beauty.

Other than appreciating actual flowers, I never considered myself a floral gal. Yet, I was instantly drawn to this dress. It was so...fresh, ya know? Thanks to my mom--who still likes to take me shopping after all these years--I was able to take it home with me.


TJ Maxx

// Shoes:


// Lipstick: Hibiscus,

Mary Kay

// Lip Liner: Magenta,


1. Floral Cluster Necklace,


 // 2. Floral Watercolour Body-Con Dress,


 // 3. Dried Flowers Hobo,


// 4. Silk-Wool Punk Floral Trouser Pants,

J. Crew

 // 5. Floral Print Pencil Skirt,



, if wearing flowers is not your thing, why not buy a few and brighten up the place you call home? This hyacinth was part of my mom's

Mother's Day

gift, but I was tempted to keep it because it was beautiful and intoxicatingly fragrant!

What do you like best about springtime? Share your thoughts in the comments if you like!

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