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Five-Minute Friday: Here.

Five-Minute Friday: Here.

Initially, I'd made peace with missing this week's Five-Minute Friday linkup because I just didn't have the time to sit down and compose a post. It was disappointing, but truly couldn't be helped. However, as luck would have it, I found myself with some much-needed solitude on this peaceful Sunday morning. It's not what I envisioned, but it's still an answer to prayer. I'll never get over the fact that He always gives me what I need.

Prompt: Here


I have a somewhat complicated relationship with here. As an avid daydreamer, I learned long ago to retreat into the warm embrace of my mind when things become too overwhelming and painful in the present. I mean, on the one hand, it's completely understandable human defense mechanism.

Sadness is here.

Pain is here.

Trauma and brokenness and hatred and fear are here.

Grumpy, teething toddlers, potty accidents, and frustratingly-tight budgets are here.

But there?

There glitters with the illusion of everything we want but can't have because we're (stuck?) in the here and now. And yet, what makes sense as a child often fails to translate well to adulthood. I'm finding that, along with the unpleasantness of current circumstances, I'm missing out on the priceless treasures sprinkled throughout this challenging season.

Here has my daughter's first steps.

Here has family hikes in beautiful surroundings.

Here has my newfound creativity, bursting at the seams.

Here has all of us together, fulfilling the dream of life in a new city.

And if I'm not careful, here will become a bittersweet memory I neglected to fully cherish.

For Ferguson.

For Ferguson.

What I Made: DIY Throw Pillows

What I Made: DIY Throw Pillows