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Where Was I Ten Years Ago? In Love.

In honor of their own 10th anniversary,

the fabulous gals at BlogHer have posed the following question to their members (and anyone else who'd like to participate)


Where were you ten years ago? 

A decade ago, I was a lovestruck newlywed celebrating her first anniversary

with a man she'd eloped with the year before

. In the span of one year, I'd gotten married, moved to another state, and begun sharing a (small) living space with my husband--and his roommate. It was an adventure, to say the least! At the time, though, it was our idea of paradise. My husband and I were a couple of young--ages 23 and 22, respectively--beach bums in love, with nothing but a bright, glittery future ahead of us. During the day, I took classes at the local university while he worked on his music; in the evenings, we cooked dinner together, watched movies, and took walks along the boardwalk as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Top row: 2003-04 // Bottom row: 2013-14

On the surface, it seems like such a carefree, unimportant phase. In many ways, I suppose it was. Yet, when I really sit down and think it through, it was an incredibly important time for us because it allowed us to build the foundation for our marriage. Because we didn't have children, a mortgage, or any of the other stressors that came later, we had the time and energy to devote to nurturing our relationship. Without those years, I'm certain our marriage wouldn't be nearly as strong today.

Yesterday, was our 11th anniversary. With three children,

one of whom is a just seven weeks-old

, our commemoration has changed quite a bit. These days, we can't just decide to go out for dinner and a movie, nor can we hop in our car and head to Disneyland on a whim like we did when we were younger. Yet, amid the dizzying flurry of temper tantrums, dirty diapers, spills, and tears, his eyes find mine, and for a moment, it's just us again.

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