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Sick Day: Chicken Caesar Club Sandwich

It's been an out-of-the-ordinary kind of day over here, so I thought I'd snap a few pics and share it with y'all. My workhouse hubby went into work today, despite my protests ("You look


. Seriously."), he ambled into work where they took one look at him and sent him right back home. While I hate the circumstances, I'm so glad he's home with us, today! I know he's sick, but it just feels right to have him here, and his presence inspired me to make one of his favorite feel-good meals:

Chicken Cesear Club by Ina Garten

. The stumbled onto this recipe about a year ago and instantly knew it'd be a keeper. Since then, I've made it for the hubby, as well as for various get-togethers that have popped up throughout the year, and it's been a hit on every occasion for which it's been used.

 You can find the exact recipe


, but I'll give an overview below:

Rub at least two (you need two for the recipe, but I like to roast extra chicken for later use)




chicken breasts with olive oil.

Then, sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. I like to press the spices into the skin for good measure.

Be prepared before you start! With chicken especially, I like to avoid cross-contamination by using a separate container for salt and pepper. You could also designate one hand for handling the chicken, while keeping the other clean.  Bake the chicken for 30-40 minutes on 350-degrees, or until an internal thermometer reads 165-degrees.

For the dressing/spread, you'll need mayo, dijon mustard, flat-leaf parsley, the juice of one lemon, garlic, anchovy paste, and a food processor or blender.

The recipe calls for one clove of garlic, but I always adjust that because we're a garlic-lovin' family. Here, I've got four smashed cloves of garlic, which I'll be chopping and placing in the food processor.

The store I went to was sold out of anchovy paste, so I bought a jar of whole anchovies and let the food processor do the work.

A thicker consistency makes for maximum "schmear-age", but if you'd prefer a thinner consistency, by all means, add olive oil and decrease the mayo. 

The chicken breasts should be golden brown and completely white on the inside (no pink!). When cool enough to handle, remove and discard skin and bones, and slice crosswise.

 Despite being deathly ill, my husband wanted to do something nice for our boys, so he used what little energy he had to put together an early Christmas present. Ain't he sweet?

Anyway, back to the sandwich! I shaved the parmigano-reggiano because it stays in the sandwich better than shredded, but you can do whatever you want. Goat cheese would be delicious, too. Or a mild, creamy mozzarella. A tangy Swiss would be magical, as well. A smoked provolone would add a different dimension to it. The possibilities are endless!

I toasted the bread under the broiler to give it a nice crunch. Then, I finished everything off with a couple strips of thick-cut bacon and a few slices of sundried tomatoes. Voila!

Hubby had just enough energy to eat this and then head to bed. Glad he's still got his appetite!

Oh, and that trampoline? Well, my oldest took it for a spin when he got home from preschool and, judging from the photos below, I think he loves it. Simply MUST give credit to

The Tiny Twig

, who included this mini trampoline in her

gift guide for boys

. If you (or you know someone who does) have active kiddos of either gender, check out that guide. I live in Phoenix and the summers get very,


hot here. Like, heat-advisory-just-about-every-day hot. So, it's not always safe to let them  play outside during those hours where the heat is on. This little contraption will help us make it through the summer or any time when the little tornadoes can't go outside. Best $40 I ever spent!

Jumping from couch to trampoline. Probably should've seen that coming...

When he finally got off the thing, he said, "Man, I'm tired!" Everything is going according to plan. (Insert dramatic evil laugh here.)

As an aside, I've got some big plans in store for this blog in the coming year. It'll still feel like me, of course, but I'm going to streamline the content a bit. I have varied interests. Always have. But I know that different folks come to this site for different reasons, so I'd like to make it easier for everyone to find what they're looking for. 

Whether you've been rockin' with me for awhile or just found me, you will be glad you came. :)

At McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park!

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