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iPhone Dump: Vacation Edition

iPhone Dump: Vacation Edition

Here are a few of the pics I snapped when I didn't feel like lugging around the "real" camera. Many of these will look very familiar if you follow me on Instagram. Nevertheless, enjoy!

A gorgeous Carmel sunset

A gorgeous Carmel sunset

Their first miso soup. Surprisingly enough, it was a total hit. 

The boys + mummified monkey at The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Rat vest, courtesy of some terrible person at the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose.

Making bubbles at the Children's Discovery Museum.

Luggage cart ridin'

Asher + the hubs + a gorgeous Oxnard, CA sunset

Slightly-flawed shadow-family portrait

Is there something on my face?

He was really excited to see Chip 'n' Dale at California Adventure.

All of us + this highly energetic fellow

Hand to God, he told us he loved Splash Mountain.

The view from Cars Land.

On the circus train at Disneyland.

Good morning, San Diego.

The little guys + Bumblebee, their favorite Transformer, at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.


Me + lorikeets at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I fully expected to be defecated upon (but I wasn't). 

Did you know the Safari Park has a bat exhibit? Me neither. (Slightly terrifying, but mostly cute.)

I have a thing for sunsets. This one was taken at La Jolla Beach.

Sunday FUN-day at Fort Verde State Historic Park + Snow Day

Sunday FUN-day at Fort Verde State Historic Park + Snow Day

Vacation Realizations.

Vacation Realizations.