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Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Color to a Little Girl's Room!

Hi All!

One thing you might not know about my husband and I is that, when it comes to home decor, we're not shy about playing with color and pattern. We love trying to find that fine line between whimsical and welcoming, eclectic and classic. We never want our home to feel like some sort of funhouse, but neither do we want to live in a place that feels stuffy and uncomfortable.

And we absolutely operate in this mindset when decorating the rooms our children inhabit. There must be an element of fun, but not so much that it feels forced. Presently, we have a number of (welcome!) design challenges ahead of us: 1. Carving out a lively, feminine space for our baby girl; 2. Incorporating the needs of our two sons, ages six and three, into one room; 3. Creating aesthetics we're content with on a small budget in a house we don't own.

Enter Ikea. *cue the



I adore this store so much it's not even funny! I know folks complain about the quality, but we've never had a problem with anything we've bought; honestly, it lasts as long--or longer!--than the more expensive items we've splurged on in the past.

After spending months pondering how we wanted to decorate the nursery, my husband were stuck. We had a very clear idea about what we


want, but not much in the way of what we liked. In an effort to get some inspiration, we headed to Ikea, where we promptly found exactly what we were looking for. Below, you'll find a few of the items we bought. Nothing included screams THIS IS A GIRL'S ROOM, y'know? On the contrary, everything can be repurposed in other parts of our home if I need to shake things up in the future. It doesn't get any better than that! :)


Gülort rug 


Gülort cushion cover


Råskog Kitchen cart 


Gülort Cushion


Bild poster


Nyttja colored frames

Once we're done with both rooms, I'll be sure to take pics and do two complete blog posts. I must confess that I'm super-excited to see the finished products, lol!

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