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BIG Changes for LivingMySomeday!

BIG Changes for LivingMySomeday!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Through an unintended turn of events, it is Christmas Day and all is quiet in the Shultz household. Instead of a holiday season plagued by dreaded obligations and repetitious small talk, all was calm, bright, and oh-so-merry. It is both amazing and mind-boggling, honestly, but I'm taking advantage of it.

First, let me wish you a happy season and thank each of you for your support of Living My Someday. It has been such a rough year, but through it all, I've been carried by so many wonderful people and made social connections I sorely needed.

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Next, allow me to give you the heads up that, as the title suggests, there are some changes coming to this page. Most strikingly, I'm updating the look and feel of this blog by moving to Squarespace! For at least a couple years, I've had my eye on Wordpress, and steadily moved toward that goal. In the end, after doing the research and assessing my own coding limitations, I swerved toward Squarespace because of it's beautiful themes (the somewhat limited options are a Godsend for this indecisive introvert!), super easy drag-and-drop features, and budget-friendly price point. Basically, it's a platform I can easily grow into and that means a lot to me because I'm not the same person who started this blog all those years ago. Change used to scare me, but now I know I'm strong enough to run toward it full-speed. The past is firmly behind me, but I've made sure to take the knowledge gained and allow it make me better, not bitter.

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That being said, things will be a bit quiet around here, while I move content and establish design elements in the new space. I won't be totally off the radar, though! You can always reach out to me on on other platforms, as well as via email! If you click any one of those sparkly gold icons on the right sidebar, they'll take you where you need to go! Further, if you'd like to stay updated on the new website, sign up for the LMS Newsletter! Once subscribed, you'll have access to free digital content in the LMS Library and be the first to know about new projects!

As this year comes to a close, I am humbled by how far God has brought my family and me. Though the circumstances that led to our move to Colorado weren't great, we are living our dreams! I learned how to be a supportive and loving friendread some awesome booksdiscovered the wonder of Harry Pottertook some epic hikes, did my first podcast interview with the lovely Fab Giovanetti, and—for the first time ever!—worked with some truly fantastic brands like Uncommon GoodsHallmark Gold Crown, and Goody!

For the most part, though, I needed 2015 to heal my broken heart and spirit, which I believe I have done; now, it's time to turn my attention to you, my audience, and ask you a very important question:

What can I do for you?

What information would you like me to impart? What stories interest you most? How can I be most valuable to you in 2016? You can leave a reply right here, shoot me an email, or drop a comment anywhere in Social Media Land. No matter how you do it, know that I'm here and I'm listening, finally strong enough to give back what I've lovingly received. 

See you in the New Year!!



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