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This Just In: The Internet Is Weirdly Awesome.

So, I don't know if you know this, but the internet is super weird and


random. You know what, though? I love it, and honestly, it's been exactly what I needed, lately. 

Sure, there's all kinds of disturbing crap floating around, but there is also astoundingly awesome junk like this gif right here. I have so many questions for which I'm pretty certain there are no answers, and yet, I can't stop giggling. It takes a lot to get my husband laughing, but this? This broke him down in seconds.

From now on, whenever someone's got an issue with me, I'm sending him/her this gif (mentally). 

Image via


Next, someone on Twitter was kind enough to share this. It was labeled (correctly) as "Zack Galifianakis  lip-syncs 'You Bring Me Joy' by Anita Baker," but my brain refused to accept the cognitive dissonance.

And yet, I couldn't


lick the link...

  Ohhh, the shaking, clapping, silent, side-aching laughter that ensued. I still can't properly handle the sheer amount of win contained in roughly four minutes. And lastly, there's this, courtesy of Vine. I don't know jack about Vine, but if it produces this kind of goodness, I may have to cheat on Instagram video with it. I stumbled upon this gem on Twitter (I follow some great people, obviously. Check 'em out on

my Twitter page

.). Judging by the passion and shockingly good body-rolling, these boys are 


this song. Also, I could TOTALLY see my boys doing something similar to this in about 8-10 years.

Video via



So, those three things, along with viewings of

Pitch Perfect

(for the first time) and

Uncle Buck

(for the umpteenth time) have really helped me find my funny bone this past week. Hope they do the same for you! If there's something floating around that never fails to make you smile, please feel free to leave the details below. Everyone could use more giggles, am I right?

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