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It's A Wonderful Life.

Our tiniest munchkin, Ike, was coughing up a storm on Sunday morning, so we decided to protect our church folk from his germs by heading to the park. My twisted ankle aside, it was a great day.

Precious dudes.

Looks like he's having a blast, right? Well...

Abandoned, after about a minute.



I'm terribly uncoordinated, though this photo suggests otherwise.

Wait for me, guys!

He's okay!

We're in for it in about ten years. Handsome li'l so-and-so.

Totally twisted my ankle about 30 seconds after this was taken.

Tra-la-la, aka, "What has two thumbs and is pear-shaped?" (This gal.)

Partial-family photo fail. 

Leggings Are NOT Pants.

When Your Partner's Acting Like A Jerk.