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9 Summer Goals For This Mama Blogger!

9 Summer Goals For This Mama Blogger!

Happy Summer, friends! The kids are officially out of school and it's time to decide how to spend our 2½ months of fun in the sun! If you're like me, you may struggle with this period of time just a bit, especially if you work from home and are juggling your business with a kid (or several!) underfoot. It used to give me such anxiety!

When we lived in Phoenix, finding the energy to get outside did not come easily to me. I spent way too many summers cooped up in the house battling cabin fever, boredom, and anger because the Arizona heat was unbearable by 11am. That vicious cycle threatened to repeat itself as I began to think about the upcoming summer. Thankfully, I've chosen to break old habits and be proactive. Having just moved to Denver last year, we barely had a chance to scratch the surface of what the city had to offer; now that we've had time to become acquainted, I'm making sure I push myself to get outside at least five days a week! In addition, I want to bring some order to the day-to-day, so as not to get stuck on the couch or in front of the computer screen. 

In that spirit, I came up with a list of 9 goals for myself. I know it may sound odd to have so many aspirations during a season that's synonymous with relaxation, but it feels so right to me! This time is precious and I want to make the most of it. I don't have many summers left with my kiddos, y'know? Before I know it, they'll be off living their own lives, and I'll be left with memories of past adventures. I'd love for those to be as full as possible!

My plan is to share these in order to hold myself accountable; once summer comes to close, I'll revisit this post and see how I did. Sound good? Alrighty, let's get this show on the road! 

Joy, eating a (FREE) bagel at the Denver Chalk Art Festival this past weekend!

Joy, eating a (FREE) bagel at the Denver Chalk Art Festival this past weekend!

1. Have FUN With The Kids!

You knew this one was coming, right? I don't want my kids to remember summer as the time when Mom was constantly telling them to "Be quiet, I'm working!" A couple hours most days of the week, I'll focus on this business, but the rest of the time, I want to enjoy their presence. It's not always easy, but it is worth it. This past weekend, we went to the Chalk Art Festival and had a blast! Staying home and sitting on the couch would've been easier, sure, but that's not how I wanted to start the boys' first day of vacation. Instead, we explored Larimer Square, munched delicious FREE food from Enstein's Bagels and So Delicious, and saw some killer art. #SummerAchievementUnlocked

And that's just one of over 70 options we've got for this summer! If you're local to Denver, check out the post and print out the pre-filled calendar here. 

2. Potty-train Joy (during the day, anyway)

So, Joy just turned 2, and I realize it's a touch early for this, but she's been showing interest and I feel like I should just go with it. The boys were both around 3 when we trained them and it was like pulling teeth! This time around, I want it to be a different experience, so I'm taking the slow, gentle, and (dare I say) fun approach with Joy. In addition to providing her with more independence, it'll save money on diapers and take it easier on the environment. 


3. Complete Another Cycle of The Whole30

Having two rounds under my belt, I think I've got a pretty firm grasp on my strengths, weaknesses, and triggers; this time around, I'm focusing on experimenting with new recipes using seasonal produce and making sure I get at least 30 minutes of activity each day.

Protip: Head to the Pearl Street Market Sundays between now and November 13th and grab a big ol' bag of fresh fruits and veggies for $10—it's a great deal and lasts our family of 5 a week! If you don't need anything, it's a great place to take a stroll or listen to the live music. 

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4. Create My Own Summer Reading Program

After signing the kids up for the local library's summer reading program, I realized I wanted to do one of my own! Thus, I'm committing to reading at least 5 books before the boys head back to school in August. First up: Do Over by Jon Acuff!

5. Get Out On My Own

I spend the majority of my time in our apartment, which is fine, but as an introvert, I need space to think, breathe, and connect with my creativity. In an effort to be my own advocate, I'm taking at least an hour a week to go somewhere alone. Could be right outside the door or across town; the point is to reconnect with myself. 

6. Write 1 Post and Create 1 Video Per Week

Just about everyone says you need to post multiple times a week if you want to be "successful". I'm sure that's the right fit for them and I applaud that! However, given Goal #1, my transition back into the workforce (yay!), and my sanity, once a week is fine for my "good enough" summer goals. Plus, I'll still be pitchin' brands and other sites, so that could mean more than one post on separate platforms. No matter what, if I want to my content to stay valuable (and I absolutely DO!), I've got to have a balance that works for my life. I'm not going to burn myself out trying to chase someone else's version of success. 

8. Save for School Supplies

But, school JUST ENDED?!!

I know, Beloved, but it's a good idea to put a little away now because school supplies, plus clothes and shoes can really add up, especially if you have more than one kid! So, instead of being hit with sticker shock come August, we're doing a bit of painless saving now. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Protip: If Target is picked over by the time you get the kids' supply lists (this happened to us, last year), I highly recommend Staples! The prices are comparable (or better, for certain items) to Target and it's not as crowded. 

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9. Carve Out Alone Time With The Hubby

I know so many married folk can relate to this one! Between kids, work, school, and the business of life, our quality time fell by the wayside. Thus, I'm challenging us to get it back by any means necessary. It doesn't need to entail going out, honestly; "Date Night In" is fine with me! The important part is simply being together without the children. I'm thinking our upcoming 13th anniversary should be the perfect time to kick this off!

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And those are my 9 summer goals, gang! I think I found the right balance between challenging and overwhelming, y'know? Whether I conquer all of them or just a few, it'll be a drastic improvement from summers past! Hooray for change and pushing ourselves, amirite?

Have you set any goals for your break? I'd love to hear 'em so share away in the comments!

 I'm setting my summer goals and finding the balance between fun, family, and focus on my business! Read the post and share your goals for the season!
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