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5 Reasons Why: I Love Apartment Living!

5 Reasons Why: I Love Apartment Living!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was pretty great, I even though we didn't do anything particularly special. We were able to get out and see more of this marvelous state in which we find ourselves. Oddly enough, while we were exploring, my mind wandered to all the reasons why I love our apartment! Generally, when people talk about downsizing, it can have a negative connotation, but this process has been a wonderful journey for us. Our new place fits us so perfectly, I become overwhelmed sometimes. Perhaps, it'll encourage others to see the beauty of a smaller space.

1. It's Small and Manageable

Thanks to a rather well-worn cliche', bigger has become linked with better, but I can't say I agree. I feel more at peace in this not-quite-900-square-foot space than I ever did in our previous house. Because we purged the majority of our belongings before making the move to Denver, this petite space feels more roomy than it actually is because we are surrounded by only those items we truly love and use. Further, all the extra time we aren't spending maintaining a larger space has allowed us to tackle a few easy DIY home projects and we are loving the results! Every time I see a little trinket we made with our own two hands, I instantly feel my spirits lift.

DIY blue beer stein

This now-blue beer stein is one of the many super easy DIY projects we've tackled! 

2. The View Outside Joy's Window

Just about every morning, as I pick up my smiling baby girl from her crib and carry her to the changing table, we pause to gaze outside her window. More often than not, the playful squirrels are putting on a show, scurrying up and down tree trunks, searching for nuts, or playfully frolicking with each other on the grassy lawn. Hearing my daughter giggle with delight is a wonderful start to any day.

Pleasant view outside of the window

3. The Perfect Reading/Writing/Whatever Spot

Our couch is situated right under the family room window, and there's a spot right in the corner that is  quite possibly the most comfortable (and thus, highly-coveted) spot in our home. It seamlessly caters to the needs of every person in our family by providing unmatched back support (for the, ahem, older members), a sturdy foundation for all manner of pillow and blanket forts, and unashamed snuggle sessions. And if that weren't enough, it gets some of the best natural light in the apartment. If I'm lucky enough to snag it, I like to curl up with a book or magazine, and a cup of tea.

Perfect reading writing watching tv spot

4. The Location

The area right outside our complex is ridiculously walkable! Armed with a stroller and our reusable bottles of water, we've taken strolls that lasted hours without even realizing it. In addition to the lush parks, local stores and restaurants, we are conveniently located near Target, Home Depot, and several grocery stores. As a one-car family, walkability is incredibly important to us. We also want to instill in our children the importance of making daily activity a normal part of their lives. Ambling around town allows us to not only tell, but show. Also, when it's time to hop in the car, we're minutes from downtown Denver's many museums, and a half-hour from a gorgeous mountain hike.

At the Art District on Santa Fe
One of the many murals in Art District on Santa Fe

5. No More Yard Work!

Back in Phoenix, we had not one, but two large lawns that required near-constant maintenance. Between the mowing, trimming, raking, weeding, and cleanup, we spent hours caring for outside spaces that were too hot to actually enjoy most days of the year. It was a total grind and I'm glad to be rid of it. With the exception of our assorted succulents and a bouquet of fresh flowers for our dining room table, the majority of the foliage we admire is outside of our apartment.

HIking Forsythe Trail in Boulder, Colorado
Joy and I sweating on the Forsythe Trail in Boulder, CO

So, those are just a few of the reasons why I am absolutely in love with our new apartment here in Denver! Our lives have changed for the better, now that we're exactly where we've always wanted to be. Have a blessed week, y'all!

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