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What I Learned From Creating My First Email Course!

What I Learned From Creating My First Email Course!

Hi Friends!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my very first email course, the HappyWhole30! It's a FREE 5-day course designed to prepare folks for their Whole30, whether they're first-timers or not. The Whole30 has given me so much, which is why I felt compelled to create a product to help others succeed on it! While I was creating the HappyWhole30, I learned A LOT, and so I wanted to share the five most important lessons here today. (I've also included a link to the video on the same subject below, just in case you'd like to watch it, too.)

First, the not-so-great news: Success requires ridiculous amounts of hard work, perseverance, faith, and sacrifice BEFORE it shows up, and to make matters even more challenging, there isn't a shortcut to achieving it. When I read Regina Anaejionu's post, How Not To Get Caught In The 6-Figure Blogger Suck-In, I wanted to literally shake a tambourine! As someone who is a six-figure earner, she actually has "made it", yet she has chosen to keep her integrity by sharing the unfiltered truth with her audience. Mariah Coz is another hero of mine. The woman had a $500,000 launch this year and still finds time to be vulnerable with us by sharing this post on her winding road to success.     My point is, sometimes success ain't pretty; often, it's downright unglamorous.


Not only is it doable, but 100% worth the effort because what you get in return is (hopefully) a better version of yourself, thanks to the skills you learn along the way. That being said, here's what I've learned about success just by creating my first email course.

1. Success requires you to confront—and push through—your fear(s). 

Like many people, I have issues with anxiety. Much of it stems from childhood abuse, but a fair amount of it is in my DNA. I can talk about my goals until the cows come home, but putting those words into action has always been a sticking point for me. I worry about how I'll look, what people will think, what if I fail, etc. However, after coming through the most traumatic year ever, I realized many of my fears were figments of my imagination, and that I needed to embrace my discomfort in order to attain my vision of success. I wouldn't call it fun, but each push leads to more confidence, which is key to overcoming anxiety. 

However, after coming through the most traumatic year ever, I realized many of my fears were figments of my imagination, and that I needed to embrace my discomfort in order to attain my vision of success.

2. Success ensures you'll lose some people.

This is one of the more painful aspects of becoming the person you want to be. The reality is not everyone won't be happy to see the changes in you. In fact, many will take your growth personally for a myriad of reasons that have nothing to do with you. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it hurt any less. Right now for example, I'm in the most stable, joyful place in my life, but my estranged family will never be able to share it with me. It's a hard, yet unavoidable truth.

3. Success Needs some form of sacrifice.

Sacrificing time, energy, and financial resources is necessary in order to grow, but it won't be easy. During the creation process of the HappyWhole30, there were moments when I missed out on hanging with my husband, playing with the kids, or just taking care of myself, but I knew the investment was worth it. (I also knew I'd ease up after it launched.) I'm content to make sacrifices on the front end as long as I know they'll bring exponential benefits in the future. 


4. Success will (probably) take longer than you think.

I seriously thought I could create this email course in three days—it took me 7 solid days to get through it, and it's still not perfect (to me). Now that I have some idea of the process, I can create a more manageable and realistic timeframe for other projects. Speaking of the larger picture, it has taken me years to get to the point where Living My Someday is profitable. I know it's easy to be envious of other people's success, but I'm content with where I currently am. Yes, I want to grow, but I figure the longer it takes to get there, the stronger the foundation will be. I don't want to burn bright and then burn out; I'm in this game for the long haul. 

5. Success might not look how you envisioned.

This point kind of piggybacks off of #4, but when I first realized money could be made by blogging, all I wanted to do was make something, even if it was just enough to buy a latte. I just realized last week that by my own standards, I am a success! By contributing a significant amount to our income and hanging with my two year-old, I am living the dream. I think I missed it because it doesn't look how I thought it would. And yet, here I am, doing exactly what I set out to do.  

If you'd like to hear more of my thoughts on the HappyWhole30 email course and the process of its creation, watch the video below! 

Creating my first course was such an eye-opening experience, y'all! I'm sure I'll keep unearthing more and more life lessons as I continue to make more content, free and paid. Have you done anything like this? What did you learn from the endeavor? I'd love to hear from ya below! 

Also, if you're curious about the HappyWhole30, click here for more information

 These 5 powerful lessons have completely changed the way I think about success! Click through to read them!

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