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10 Affirmations for Content Creators.

10 Affirmations for Content Creators.

I am a big fan of embracing artistic expression. I believe all of us have a creative force within, yet so many are unable to—or are actively discouraged from—pursuing their endeavors. To me, that is a tragedy because the world needs you! There is no one else like you on the planet, therefore no one can reproduce what you create. I developed these affirmations as a way to encourage those of us who create content on- and off-line. Thanks to the ubiquity of the comment section, social media can be a particularly brutal place for creatives, but I urge you to continue to chase after your dreams. I hope these positive statements silence your inner and outer critics because every single one of them is true.  

1. I am endlessly creative.

2. My ideas are valid.

3. I am uniquely, fearfully, and wonderfully made.

4. I can overcome obstacles.

5. My setbacks are temporary and do not define me.

6. I am resilient.

7. The words of naysayers and trolls have no power over me.

8. My passion is worthy of respect.

9. As long as I persevere, I will progress.

10. I am free to live a life of my own choosing.

Wordless Wednesday: Cultivating Generosity.

Wordless Wednesday: Cultivating Generosity.

LMS Kids: A Hole In The Hand.

LMS Kids: A Hole In The Hand.