Never Sweat The Small Stuff with Dove Advanced Care!

If you're like me, if you've struggled with perspiration, I want you to be free, y'know? It seems like such a small issue in the grand scheme of things, but for those of us who identify as women and sweat profusely, the sense of shame and embarrassment are very, very real. It's as if we've somehow violated the terms of our femininity. Between the sweating and my athletic build, I always seemed to fall short of the ladylike ideal. 

Goodness Is Always Working

A weird thing happened in the midst of this season, though: Blessings began to pop up randomly, oddly, at first, then picking up steam. What I learned from that is goodness is always working behind the scenes, even when it doesn't seem like it. I attribute this positive force to God, but it doesn't have to be a religious experience for everyone. The main point I want you to know is it's out there, this desire to bless, and you never know who or what is operating on its behalf.