Nablopomo: Goals & Aspirations

Nablopomo Prompt: Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?

I was actually really excited to answer this question—it's about time, right?! Sheesh.—because it gets into my goals for this space, this "labor of love" in the very truest sense of the phrase. 

I love this website. It doesn't get a lot of hits and hasn't become an online destination (yet!), but it is mine, so I cherish it. From the name, to the sentiment, to the meandering topics, it completely and totally reflects me. And it is one of the few things in this world over which I have complete and total control. 

I ADORE this print!
{Image via Small Fry}

By next year, I hope to have found—or at least be closer to—my niche, that thing that sets me apart from all the other bloggers out there in cyberspace. Like many folks, I have interests that are vast and varied. I'm a jumble of inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies. The idea of trying reduce the beautiful swirl in my head to something narrow and "marketable" kills me a little. To put it rather immaturely, I don't wanna! 

Yet, I do want this space to evolve into something that serves others, not just me; in order to do that, I've got to rein myself in (a little, anyway). By doing so, I can tighten my focus and improve my content. 

In five years (or less. Hopefully, less!), I'll have a firm grasp of who I am, my point of view, and what I bring to this very crowded table. By virtue of putting in the work, I fully expect to be generating some sort of income from this site within five years. How am I so sure? Because I will not stop until I am satisfied. Period. I have a lengthy list of ways in which to grow, and I fully intend to exceed my own expectations. When I mentioned how much I love this space, I meant it! I don't know exactly where it will lead, but I want to be ready for whatever opportunities present themselves.

Truly, I do.
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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope this day is full of love, food, and quality time with people who matter! 


Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Photo Outtake

I shall cherish this pic forever! 

Because They Matter

Though it is at the forefront of my mind, I cannot will not be talking about Ferguson. It's too damn hard, frankly, and brings me back to the tragically-similar emotions I had during the summer of 2013. Those were dark times, to be sure, and I'm not eager to revisit them. 

Still, I'm left with the same question I had last year: Dear God, what can I do? 

Many have weighed in on this topic—precious few have offered helpful insights—but I realized there is nothing I can do to change minds through sheer will and/or good intentions. 

So, I've quit in that regard. I refuse to beat my head against a brick wall in hopes that it might crack. Even in the best case scenario, I'm left with a concussion. 

Instead, I will be putting my energy where it has the most potential for mutual benefit: my husband and children. I will tell, but also demonstrate how precious they are, whether society affirms that fact or not. 

I will fight the good fight on the ground, at home. I will do the hard work of empowering them, filling them with knowledge and compassion, confirming their humanity at every opportunity.

Because they matter.   

#WordlessWednesday: Isaac, Age Four.

On Top Of The World

This past weekend, our family trekked to the Grand Canyon for the second time in less than a week. Why? We just needed to bear witness to its greatness again. When we embarked on the initial trip, it was hurried, harried, and over far too soon. Before we knew it, we were on our way home with virtually nothing to show for our efforts.

No, no, that wouldn't do at all. We had to return and give the Canyon the proper reverence.

This time, we stayed in Flagstaff overnight, ensuring a decent night's sleep before continuing our journey the next morning. With stomachs full and souls bursting with anticipation, we lingered at the park for several hours, filling our eyes with vastness, our ears with glorious stillness, and our minds with the humbling knowledge that, despite what our culture would have us believe, we are not the center of the universe. When our appetite for natural, untouched beauty was satiated, we clambered back into the car, ready to tackle the rigors of life back home.

I generally don't love Mondays, but today, I'm on top of the world.